‘Bond king’ Jeff Gundlach’s is betting big on the mortgage market

Gundlach said he expects long-term interest rates to keep rising, especially now that the yield on 30-year Treasury bonds has topped 3.25 percent consistently over the past week.

‘Bond king’ Jeff Gundlach’s is betting big on the mortgage market Ashcraft contents commercial paper trades settled depository trust company.tony cullors Warns bond king gundlach.

Despite a fragile economic recovery – now threatened by falling oil prices – and the likelihood that the Fed will raise short-term rates, the prospects for the U.S. bond market in 2015 are good, according to Jeffrey Gundlach.

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Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach bets on gold and rings alarm bell on potential U.S. recession

Bank of America billed last week as “the world economy’s most important week of the year,” but the stock market didn’t exactly reflect. Why you can’t be pro-life and against immigrant kids. Bond.

Bill Gross’ Bond King Crown Now Firmly Sits on Jeff Gundlach’s Head As the faded master bond investor announces his retirement, the usurper keeps growing in stature. Bill Gross

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Gundlach is the cofounder of mutual fund company, DoubleLine Capital, which manages more than $115 billion in assets. The bond-trader extraordinaire is known for his bold calls and correctly predicted the housing crash in 2007. He previously helped build the fixed-income business at TCW, before he was fired in 2009.

7 gathering share their stock (and bond and fund) picks for the new year.. Jeffrey Gundlach: Why does the company advertise Humira so heavily?. Gabelli : Disney had a 26% market share in the U.S.-much bigger than No.. Black: Disney has The Lion King, Frozen, Toy Story, Star Wars, and many.

Jeffrey Gundlach was one of the few. The celebrated bond-fund manager sounded alarms about housing in 2006, later warned that the subprime market was a "total unmitigated disaster" about to worsen, and anticipated a severe economic downturn, to boot.

“Jeff Greene. “The Big Short,” a movie about investors who made fortunes by betting against the housing market. “The [home mortgage] loans were already out there. They were already in default. I.

Mr. Gross is betting on an economic view. The distinctions are big enough to drive very different investment choices. Mr. Gross argues that intermediate-term bonds reflect market expectations for.

Thanks to lower mortgage rates, 550K homeowners could save by refinancing Granted, we’re not back to the sub-4% mortgage rates that. convincing argument we’ve seen for "lower rates in 2019." The only thing that would really derail the positive momentum would be stronger.